One Night at Soma Kerala Palace
One Night at Casamaria Beach Resort
Daily Buffet Breakfast
One Hour Houseboat Cruise
Three days AC Car at disposal
All Applicable Luxury taxes

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Chairman's Message

The travel business is a great personal 'need'. I solicit half a minute of your time to tell you briefly about myself. There is perhaps no reason for this, except to give you a bit of insight into the background of the person who seeks to handle your travel arrangements. I am William Rodrigues coming from a middle class, well educated family. I have no formal training in the travel business.

I started the business 10 years back from a shed primarily to make friends and 'get back to the world' - so to say. I have ever since tried all that is possible to ensure that I do not go down in public estimate who trusted me with their trip. We have had tremendous success in the business.

Today we have our own office building, well-trained staff and our deluxe transport. However, I did not notice these things happen. I just kept enjoying my work and the relationships I built. The manifestations of success listed above just kept happening on the side. I feel the business has given back my self respect, status and above all friendship and trust of so many people. Hence, life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us and today I can sense a definite shift in priorities. As life is moving on, need for money and wealth for myself is diminishing. Things that I never had - friendship, trust, relationships etc. - are assuming greater significance. This is what the travel business has brought to me.