Things to explore in Cochin

Discover the Wonders of Cochin

Cochin, also known as Kochi, is a vibrant city on the southwest coast of India, rich in history and cultural diversity. From its bustling markets and historic sites to its scenic backwaters and delicious cuisine, Cochin offers a unique blend of experiences for every traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or foodie, there are countless things to explore in this charming coastal city. Here are some of the places that you can explore in Cochin

Nerfetti Sea Cruise

The Nefertiti Cruise offers an exceptional experience for those seeking to embark on an unforgettable voyage. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious, intimate experience or an adventure-packed journey with numerous onboard activities, you’ll find a range of options to choose from, allowing you to make the best choice within your budget. Embark on a journey like no other and create everlasting memories.

The rates for the common Cruise on Weekdays  ( 1000 Hrs to 1400 Hrs )   Adult / Child – Rs 2,500 / Rs 600   Weekends  Rs 2,750 / Rs 600. The rates for the common Cruise on Weekends ( 1600 Hrs to 2100 Hrs ) Adult / Child – Rs 3,250 / Rs 600   Weekends  Rs 3,500 / Rs 600. The Exclusive Cruise with minimum 75 Pax on week days will be Rs 2,90,000/- extra Pax Rs 1500/- and for weekends will be for Rs 3,25,000/- Extra Pax Rs 1500/-

Inclusions for above price will be:

Welcome Drink ,Tea Snacks ,Delicious buffet Lunch ( Two Non Veg ) ,Live Band with Singers ,Children’s Play Area & Mini theatre ,Government Service Tax ,Access to open sun deck to enjoy the sea breeze ,Stunning View  of Arabian Sea .Optional On board luxury lounge Bar

Classic Imperial Sea Cruise ( Max Capacity 150 Pax )

Experience the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity with our “Exclusive Sea Cruise Only” aboard the largest luxury cruise vessel built in Kerala. The ‘Classic Imperial,’ an impressive 50 meters in length, 11 meters in width, and 10 meters in height, is certified by the Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS) for safety. Designed to accommodate up to 150 guests, this magnificent vessel is perfect for hosting a variety of events, from weddings to corporate conferences. Enjoy amenities such as centralized air conditioning, DJ booths, open baths, a dining area, a spacious hall, a green room, and a lounge. The two air-conditioned floors feature an open dining area and a panoramic glass view, allowing you to take in the breathtaking scenery. The vessel boasts a powerful 15000-watt Meyer Sound system (USA brand) and a stunning 170 LED wall with an 80 interactive panel. Priced at Rs 2,75,000/- for a minimum of 150 guests, the cruise includes a live band with dancers, DJ music, and a three-hour journey on the serene waters, making it an unforgettable experience.

The Exclusive Sea Cruise with minimum 150 Pax on week days will be Rs 2,75,000/-

Inclusions for above price will be: Live band with dancers, DJ music, and a three-hour journey on the serene waters, making it an unforgettable experience.

Kumbalanghi Village Tours - Explore Kochi's Enchanting Backwaters

Immerse yourself in the vibrant village life with our exclusive Village Visit. For a personalized experience, our rates are Rs 2850/- per person for groups of two to nine, Rs 3000/- per person for groups of two to nine, and Rs 2650/- per person for groups of ten to 150.

Upon arriving at Kallanchery Island, you will be welcomed with refreshing tender coconut. Enjoy a boat ride in a large country boat equipped with chairs and caps. Visit a crab farm and watch the traditional process of coir yarn making. Observe the intricate skill of coconut leaf weaving. Tour a 12-acre agricultural farm featuring various plantations, water harvesting ponds, and biogas plants. See Chinese fishing nets in action. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the backwater front hall before your departure.

Join us for a memorable journey into the heart of village life, where you will experience the rich traditions and warm hospitality of the local community.

Coir Making: Experience the traditional art of coir making, where ripe coconut husks are soaked, retted, and beaten by village women to separate fibers. Learn the intricate process of hand defibering .

Copra Processing: Witness villagers cut and sun-dry coconuts for three days to extract oil. This fascinating process transforms coconuts into copra, separating the meat in a relaxed, communal atmosphere.

Crab Farming: Visit our crab farm and see green and red crabs naturally fattened. Enjoy the thrill of catching crabs with the help of friendly locals.

Clam Meat Processing: Observe families processing clams, separating the meat from shells, which are then used for white cement and fertilizers.

Chinese Nets Fishing: Learn to operate traditional Chinese fishing nets, introduced in the 15th century. These nets are often used at night with electric lighting to attract fish and prawns.

Net Making: Discover the intricate process of knitting and repairing fishing nets, a vital skill for many villagers.

Country Boating: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride in traditional wooden boats, observing various fishing methods and the craftsmanship involved in boat making.

Casting of Nets: See the traditional method of casting conical nets with lead weights to trap fish.

Groping of Fish: Witness skillful women fishing with their hands in a coordinated line, groping for fish in the backwaters.

Broom Making: See how coconut leaf midribs are tied into brooms for cleaning.

Beedi Making: Learn how villagers roll tobacco in tendu leaves to make beedis, a traditional Indian cigarette.

Basket Making: Observe the dying art of traditional basket making, used for separating clam meat and shells.

Pottery: Try your hand at pottery, shaping clay on a wheel under expert guidance to create beautiful ceramic wares.

The Rates for the above Kumbalanghi Village Experience will be ( 2 to 9 Pax ) Rs 3000/- Per Person and for Groups ( 10 to 150 Pax ) will be Rs 2850/- Per Person

Vaikkom Village Backwater Cruises

Discover the charm of Vaikom, a serene village near Kochi, where life unfolds along tranquil rivers and canals. It’s a quintessential example of traditional Keralan village life, where customs and occupations are steeped in heritage. Embark on a serene cruise aboard a country canoe, immersing yourself in the authentic rhythms of village life.

You’ll depart from Kochi and arrive in Vaikom within an hour, starting with a visit to the Mahadeva Temple, offering a glimpse into Hindu temple traditions. Board a country canoe for a leisurely cruise through picturesque villages, concluding at a local home where you’ll enjoy a traditional Kerala lunch served on banana leaves.

Explore the backyard of the house to witness the diversity of spice trees, the art of coir making, mat weaving, and clay pottery. On your return journey to Kochi, visit a cotton-weaving center operated by women self-help groups, supporting local empowerment initiatives.


  • Country boat cruise in narrow canals
  • Visit to the oil extraction center
  • Cruise in a country canoe
  • Traditional Kerala meal served on banana leaf
  • Witness clay pottery making
  • Experience coir making and straw mat weaving
  • Visit a local spice farm
  • Explore a cotton weaving center run by women self-help groups


The Rates for the above Vaikkom Village Experience will be ( 2 to 9 Pax ) Rs 2,300/- Per Person and for Groups ( 10 to 100 Pax ) will be Rs 1,900/- Per Person